T-series Harvester

John Deere

Product: Thermoforming

Market: Agricultural & Construction Equipment

OEM key requirements:

John Deere and Vitalo have developed several successful body panel solutions over the years. John Deere customers, for instance, praise Vitalo’s baler doors for their attractive look as well as toughness and functionality in the field. When the harvester model Cassiopeia (or T-Series) was up for renewal, Vitalo was the partner of choice for the redesign and optimisation of the cover panels. John Deere’s demand was succinct and straight forward:

  • Improve operator’s maintenance work conditions
  • Cost effective
  • Exterior finish to protect and convey John Deere’s brand image
  • Integrate multiple functions rather than just “making a new side panel”

The  Vitalo Response:

  • Migrate from SMC to Thermoforming, in order to avoid painting costs and reduce weight
  • Double skin thermoforming concept to allow invisible integration of air ducts, light pockets and fixing points
  • High gloss finish
  • Very large parts efficiently moulded on one of Europe’s largest and fastest rotary thermoforming machines
  • Intelligent assembly allowing plug & play on the customer’s production line

Click here to view John Deere T Series Combines 2016 Product Video.

Credit photo & video: John Deere

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