Dust Collector Cover


Product: Thermoforming

Market: Energy HVAC

OEM key requirements:

“Smaller & Smarter” was Donaldson’s motto when designing the new SVU series of silo vents. Operating and maintaining silo covers can be time-consuming, dirty while also involving risks by working at great heights. Donaldson wanted to reduce the risk level associated with silo cover manoeuvring by reducing its height, reducing its weight, while maintaining a full weather-proof covering and closing system. To conceive the cover, our road map was clear:

  • Improve operator safety by helping to lower the silo cover operating height and weight
  • Provide for cleaning system functions within the cover
  • Propose a design that allowed natural flow of rain water and dust
  • Exterior finish to protect and convey Donaldson’s brand image
  • Twin-sheet design by Vitalo allowing a lightweight, yet rigid concept
  • Fully functionalised silo cap allowing integration of pulse jet cleaning system
  • UV-resistant coloured mass
  • 3D design allowing free flow of elements in harsh weather conditions
  • Integrated logo

Click here to view Donaldson’s PowerCore SVU product video with details of the Vitalo cover.

Credit photo & video: Donaldson

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