Refurbishing Project


Product: Thermoforming

Market: Mass Transport & Automotive

OEM key requirements:

In 2004, NedTrain, the Dutch railway company decided to launch a vast refurbishment programme of its 81 double decker regional trains after nearly 20 years of service. In partnership with Ultimate Europe, Vitalo was selected to supply the interior covers. The key requirements of the programme were to:

  • Reduce weight in order to save on energy costs and ease assembly
  • Improve passenger’s perception of quality
  • Provide vandal proof materials
  • Ensure flawless supply chain to the refurbishing lines in order to keep costs down and speed up
  • Re-design by Vitalo and Ultimate to provide plug-and-play assembly
  • Organise Just-in-Sequence delivery
  • 45% weight reduction over composite interiors
  • Anti-graffiti material

Click here to view the NedTrain refurbishment story and Vitalo interiors in action.

Credit : Roel Hemkes

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