There are only a few golden rules to create outstanding Point-of-Sale (POS) packaging:

  • Be efficient on the packing lines
  • Provide protection during transport and distribution
  • Stand out on the shelf and even better, trigger emotional engagement
  • Be simple for your customer logistics chain: unboxing and shelving, unpacking, recycling, …
  • Contribute to or at least convey the iconic asset of your product

Vitalo has vast experience in this field and will help you design the very best value for money POS packaging. Should your product require it, our plants are equipped either with clean-room production or washing lines, up to medical and pharmaceutical standards.

Lastly we are working closely with innovative material companies to provide you with the most up-to-date materials: high transparency, scratch & impact resistant, bio-based solutions. We would be happy to develop a unique material/packaging combination for you.