Excellence required

As a leading supplier of high-end quality products for business-to-business machinery applications, we take great pride in offering innovative design, improved protection as well as reduced mounting and assembly times.

In order to meet your expectations, we use various techniques like negative thermoforming and high-pressure forming.

The former delivers optimal quality and precision on the outside surface, while the latter is used in combination with textured tools for products in industries where painting is not allowed and components need to match existing parts. This second process ensures injection-mould quality for a perfect fit and finish.

Specializing in the development and production of thermoformed parts and components, we can offer solutions for a variety of applications:

  • High-end housings for video equipment
  • Covers for the printing industry
  • Covers for weighing equipment

Choose the best possible solution for your investment. Vitalo.


Electronics packaging and precision components

Vitalo specializes in the development of high-end thermoformed precision packaging and technical thermoformed components for the E&E industry. We integrate in-house design, tooling and production know-how, with a flexible, customer driven approach.

  • Technical and consumer packaging
  • Transport trays
  • ESD packaging
  • Carrier tapes
  • Protective packaging
  • Components

Many world-class manufacturers have teamed up with Vitalo to engineer and manufacture highly functional and fast-to-market products without compromising on technical requirements and environmental impact.

Looking for reliability, care and cost effectiveness? Vitalo.