Heavy-gauge thermoforming uses the well-known technique of draping a heated thermoplastic sheet over a mould. While the principles are simple however, our expertise lies in mastering the various forming techniques and equipment to provide you with efficient and repeatable part manufacturing processes, fast cycle times and a specific know-how to produce very large parts.

Heavy-gauge parts are often used as cosmetic surfaces on permanent structures such as kiosks, automobiles, trucks, medical equipment, material handling equipment, refrigerators, spas & shower enclosures, as well as for electrical and electronic equipment.

Our machine park include one of the largest rotary machines in Europe. It is capable of handling sheets up to 4m x 2.5m with a part depth of up to 1m.

Our plants also offer a line-up of CNC and robotized lines for post-moulding trimming, drilling, cutting, gluing and packing of very large parts.

With lower tooling costs and faster product development than competing plastic technologies, Vitalo’s heavy-gauge thermoforming lines are typically competitive for production quantities of 250 to 10,000 annually.

Parts produced at Vitalo are 100% recyclable and we strive to use a growing share of recycled raw materials.

The know-how of our European and Asian engineering and co-engineering teams is available to your Engineering and Project Design departments if required.