Glazing for automobile competitions

Product: Thermoforming
Market: Automotive

In car racing, to go fast, you have to be light. Polycarbonate glazing rises to the challenge. For decades, the biggest French and European car racing teams have called on the Vitalo Group’s Starplast brand to equip their cars and win titles. A rapid headlight glass manufacturing process has been developed via the Starplast brand, using high optical quality polycarbonates. And lateral windows are manufactured using the process derived from that used for aeronautical glazing. These two types of glazing are present on the Ligier JS P3

OEM key requirements:
  • Mastery of manufacturing processes according to regulations
  • ISO certification and customer qualification audit
  • Ability to make parts with good optics, and a low price
  • Shaping of the polycarbonate without damaging the optics
The Vitalo response:
  • Co-design and Co-Engineering
  • In-house window painting
  • Supply of high optical quality polycarbonate
  • Development of a dedicated process for door windows