Helmet visor

Product: Transparent
Market: Aeronautic

Thanks to the Starplast process, Vitalo Group provides Thales Avionics https://www.thalesgroup.com/en with translucid parts that fit on the most precious part of planes and helicopters: the pilot and co-pilot head. We provide glare protection to the eyes of pilots, via helmet visors. Of course the optical quality must be perfect, as must the mastery of the mass. Challenge taken up by Vitalo Group via its Starplast brand.

OEM key requirements:
  • Perfect Optical Quality with unit control
  • EN9100 aeronautical certification and customer qualification audit
  • Partnership over the life of the programs
  • Management of Defense files
The Vitalo response:
  • Co-design and Co-Engineering
  • Starplast’s own process for optical quality
  • Part delivered to the customer plug and play, cut with a 5-axis robot
  • 100% final control operation on dedicated resources