Rafale headlight glasses

Product: Thermoforming
Market: Aeronautics

Thanks to the Starplast process, Vitalo Group provides Dassault Aviation https://www.dassault-aviation.com/fr/ with translucid parts that must withstand stresses and a hostile environment, because they are on the leading edge of the wing of the Rafale. Manufactured in PMMA and Polycarbonate, with an optical quality controlled individually, these headlight glasses are delivered with the systems receiving the fasteners on the aircraft, ready to be mounted.

OEM key requirements:
  • Optical Quality with unit control
  • EN9100 aeronautical certification and customer qualification audit
  • Significant demand for co-development on the fixing part
  • Partnership over the life of the aircraft
The Vitalo response:
  • Co-design and Co-Engineering
  • Starplast’s own process for optical quality
  • Part delivered to the customer plug and play, cut with a 5-axis robot, with metal fixing incorporated in the product
  • 100% final control operation on interchangeability frame