Translucid and design

Product: Thermoforming
Market: Medical

Thanks to the Starplast process, Vitalo Group offers manufacturers of medical equipment protective casings that combine translucid solutions, design and protection. With the Starplast process developed for aeronautical glazing, Aesku has been able to develop protection for its machines which allows the area to be well protected from environmental analyses, while allowing to see in the machine. And the shape of the casing gave the name to the HelmedĀ® machine.

OEM key requirements:
  • Perfect optical quality and laboratory compatibility
  • ISO certification and customer qualification audit
  • Partnership over very long lifespans
  • The crankcase is what is most visible on the machine, it must be functional and beautiful
The Vitalo response:
  • Co-design and Co-Engineering
  • Starplast’s own process for optical quality
  • Part delivered to the customer plug and play, cut with a 5-axis robot
  • Development of different shades by type of machine