Vitalo Global Thermoforming

Vitalo masters various heavy-gauge thermoforming techniques and is equipped to offer an efficient and repeatable part manufacturing process, fast cycle times and a specific know-how to produce very large parts. Thermoforming ensures a short time to market.


Vitalo has extensive experience in producing twinsheet products and industrial glueing. We operate one of the largest rotary machines in Europe and can handle sheets up to 4m x 2.5m with a part depth of up to 1m.


Our plants boast a line-up of CNC and robotized lines for post moulding trimming, drilling, cutting, glueing and packing of very large parts. Vitalo’s heavy gauge thermoforming lines are typically competitive for production quantities of 250 to 10,000 annually.

With a capacity to deliver materials up to a maximum thickness of 1.5mm in a wide array of materials and techniques, Vitalo has extensive expertise in thin-gauge packaging applications. Starting with thin-gauge thermoformed packaging and highpressure thermoforming to deliver complex component assemblies.


Key advantages are multilayer solutions and the possibility to create articles with a thickness less than 0.5mm, the limit for injection moulding. Vitalo combines thermoforming capabilities with 3D-cutting technology in automated lines and offers cleanroom conditions and washing line capabilities.

Our creativity allows us to go beyond plastics as a product –
to create value, and a solution that is custom-made for your application.


Agricultural & Construction Equipment




Energy HVAC

Mass Transportation & Automotive


More than plastics